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Our Credit Repair & Credit Restoration Process.


Step 1: Free Credit Analysis

Every credit situation is unique and different that's why Big Boy Credit Repair & Credit Restoration places your 3 bureau reports and scores credit analysis as the first priority in our line of action steps.  In your in depth credit analysis, we'll guide you through the process of analyzing your 3 bureau credit reports and scores, where our Sr Credit Analysts will point out the negative items that are holding your credit score back, and then from there they will work along side of you to put a plan of attack together to fight and remove the negative, incorrect, obsolete, and hard to fight items and or hard credit inquiries that are holding you back from achieving your dreams and goals.


Step 2: Implementation of Your Customized Credit Repair Strategy & Credit Restoration Plan.

Our clients play a vital role in their credit restoration and credit repair journey. Not only do they have a portal to track results, they also possess a thorough understanding of all necessary steps required to reach their goals. They know the expected time frame during the Credit Sweep and the Restoration process that is factual and based upon realistic results instead of false promises, and unattainable time frames.

Regardless if your goal is to increase your credit score by 20 points to qualify for a mortgage or reaching the 800 credit score mark in order to start a new business, our team will be there for you every step of the way with solutions that you can trust .


Step 3: Pre-Qualify & Then Apply For Unsecured Financing.

Personal and / or Business Funding up to $500K is not only possible, but common for our clients using our unique credit restoration process and tools. Big Boy Funding plays a vital role for goal attainment.  At the time of your credit analysis you will be given your plan of action guide that will outline the steps and processes that need to be taken in order to be able to obtain and qualify for unsecured financing.  When that point comes for you after the credit repair and credit restoration process is complete our team will work with you to help you pre-qualify for, and then get approved for the unsecured financing that you need.

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